Tuesday, June 19

Please remember no news is good news!  

James is doing well for the time being.  Because of the infected skin rash, he has been taken off chemo completely now.  Two antibiotics and oral steroids seem to have cleared the infection.  Once again, we are looking for a new treatment plan.  The heat is too much for him to bear the drugs he was on and I can't ask him to stay cooped up all summer. We will meet with the doc at the end of the month to decide what is next.

Papa, Meme, and Bethany are all doing just fine!

Please say a prayer for our friend, Joanna, as she faces her third surgery in eighteen months tomorrow.  Pray for God's will for her and Justin as they continue this journey to fertility.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  
Love to all,

Friday, June 1

Time to catch up...

It has been a while and it is time to bring everyone up to speed!  Here we go:
  • James had round three of this chemo treatment May 21-23.  He suffered through a lot of nausea this round. I am hoping we can stay ahead of tummy upset for round four.
  • On May 22, we celebrated James' 29th birthday!  We enjoyed a great time at our house with family and friends!  

  • On May 23, James had a scan.  We haven't met with the doc to discuss the final report but as of now, we know the cancer is "stable" and has NOT spread since the last scan in April.  Praise the Lord!!!  On the same day, we learned the results of Papa's biopsy were not so favorable.  A spot was found during a routine PET scan and he had a biopsy on May 21.  He has a GIST tumor near his colon.  Papa had a large GIST tumor removed in 2005.  He was then diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2010.  He underwent surgery in September 2010 then chemo in Januray 2011.  For now, he will take a chemo medication by mouth then have scans.
  • On May 25, we left it all behind for a morning of fishin.  We didn't catch anything but I believe a bad day fishin' with your best friend beats a great day at work!!!  We headed to the hospital around lunch time for Meme's minor surgery.  She spent one night in the hospital and was home by Saturday.  Late Friday evening, I went to my little sister's house because she didn't feel good.  Some sister loving and a few meds and she should be fine, right?
  • May 27 found us at church to celebrate Memorial Day.  James had serious nausea during church.  Of all the things in my large purse, I have no medicine.  Lesson learned...I bought small pill boxes and will not be caught unable to help him again.  I am a walking pharmacy! After lunch and a nap, he was feeling better. We accepted an invitation to a wine tasting at a local winery.  We enjoyed beautiful weather under a shade tree and heard an awesome jazz band.  

  • Meanwhile, Bethany has spiked a 103.7 temp and is at the minor emergency clinic.  I put James to bed and head out around eleven to be with my sister.  
  • May 28 - Memorial Day- 1:00 AM- It is decided Bethy should be admitted for pneumonia.  Breathing treatments, antibiotics, blood work, and meds are ordered to get her on the road to recovery.  I spent Tuesday night with her so her husband could head to work Wednesday.  She was discharged late Wednesday.

So between all my patients, surely you can understand my lack of time for posting?!?!?  
Me, you ask?  I am exhausted but its okay.  Exhausted has been my normal for eighteen months.   The beginning of the week was hectic running between Meme, Bethany and James but I managed and better yet, everyone is on the mend tonight.  I do my very best not to worry but I do keep the ones I love close to my heart and always on my mind.  I am the nurse that doesn't collect a paycheck but I am wealthier than any of the rest.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!    
James will have treatment again on Monday.  The skin rash is terrible.  He started a fifth medication today to, hopefully, clear it up.  It is very painful and worsens when he is in the sun/heat.  
Tonight, James is watching the Astros play with Pawpaw, Mr. Bob, and Aunt Vicki.  
I thank God for every opportunity James has to do the things he enjoys.  I thank God for every opportunity I have to be with James.
I thank God for everything. Most of all, I thank Him for sending His own Son to save me!  
 Its not for us...its all for Him!!!  
How's that for catching up?  There you have it, the last two weeks of our lives and a couple of pictures too!  So what's new with you? 
Much love to everyone!