Wednesday, September 28

Here's an update:
  • James was scheduled to have chemo last Wednesday but his WBC/ANC were too low due to the cold he was fighting.  He got a white blood cell booster and chemo delayed for a week.
  • James has been having some issues that led Dr. Coscio to order a PET scan.  James had the scan on Monday and today, we learned there was nothing new or alarming on the scan.  We are very thankful for this even though it doesn't explain the problems James has been experiencing.    
  • After normal blood work today, James got chemo and will be on the bag until Friday.
Prayer request~
  • Aunt Donna will continue to recover from surgery.  We saw her today and she's looks great but still has some pain.
  • Pawpaw is having eye surgery tomorrow.  Pray this goes well.
  • Please continue to pray for Uncle Ed as he is recovering from his accident and may need another surgery.
Thank God for being so good to us all!!!

Thursday, September 15

Promotion, Chemo, Birthday and Kansas...

Now you know why I haven't been more regular with posting on the blog!  I would apologize but I am sure you are tired of hearing it!!!
Here's what is happening in our world...
  • I accepted a management position at work.  I trained in Houston last week and started at my new store in The Woodlands on Sunday of this week.
  • James was well enough last week to get chemo.  Dr. C was on vacation so we will see her next week.  James has had a hard time kicking his cold.  He only had fever last Tuesday but the cough and sinus drainage has stuck around.  He started antibiotics yesterday to try to knock it out!
  • On Tuesday, I celebrated my 27th birthday!  James gave me a beautiful personalized bracelet and I feel that I should brag on his great taste!!!  I worked Tuesday but it was still a great day!
  • I think I had let everyone know over the summer my best friend, Lisa, was moving to Kansas.  I have missed her terribly and decided two months without my best friend was enough so I am typing to you from Kansas!  James is not on chemo this week and has not been sick like he was on past chemos so he will survive a couple of days without me! 
  • I would like to ask you to pray for James' Uncle Ed tonight.  Uncle Ed was involved in an accident at work that resulted in burns on his arm and face.  I heard from James' mom he would have surgery tomorrow.  Please pray for Uncle Ed and Aunt Mary!!!
I would like to remind everyone again just how great is our God!  He is providing for James and I everyday and it is amazing to see how it is happening!
Love from KS,

Tuesday, September 6

Prayer Request

James has come down with a cold.  He's got it all...itchy watery eyes, runny nose, cough, nasal and chest conjestion, fever, and body aches!  He is scheduled for chemo tomorrow but I don't know if that will happen!  Please pray he feels better real soon!!!
Goodnight my blog readers!