Thursday, March 31

Just wanted to post to let everyone know all is well.  James is just about to wrap up day 4 of 5.  He has experienced much more nausea this round than he did before.  He is worn down but all in all he is doing OK.  We enjoy having his dad here with us and will hate for him to leave on Sunday.  James should have and appointment with Dr.Coscio, blood work and Bleo on Monday.  Please continue to pray for comfort for James!
Love to all,

Monday, March 28

Here we go again...

James saw Dr. Coscio on Friday and again today.  Here's where we are:
  • The biopsy of the lymph nodes came back as germ cell cancer.  This is the same cancer in his liver.  From what the pathologist can tell, the lymph nodes have been affected all along.  There were indications the lymph nodes had responded to the first series of chemo.  So why didn't we know?  The lymph nodes were not enlarged enough to show on the scans.  It was an easy miss because they did not appear abnormal.
  • James started chemo again today.  He will be on the same schedule as before with the same drugs.  He can have a maximum of two cycles of his current drugs due to the damage that can be caused.
  • The incision is healing beautifully.  No infection, little redness, and very little pain.
Prayer and Praise:
  • Thank God for his wonderful timing.  I am scheduled to work all this week but we have James' dad, Stan, here to help!  Huge blessing!
  • Thank God for the healing from surgery!
  • Thank God for those helping James and I along this road.  The meals brought last week and this week were delicious and more helpful than you know! 
  • Please pray James will not experience fever tonight as he has in the past with his Bleo treatments.
  • Pray we are on the road to healing and total restoration of James' body!
Thanks for being faithful prayer warriors!

Thursday, March 24

Back in business...

The cut line has been repaired and we are back online! James had a follow up appointment with his surgeon, Dr. Curley yesterday.  Dr. Curley is pleased with the look of the incision.  James has an appointment with Dr. Coscio tomorrow to discuss the results of the biopsy and develop a plan of care.
Stay tuned my friends...I should post again tomorrow!

Please say a prayer for safe travel for James' dad, Stan, as he will be flying in tomorrow from Kentucky!

Tuesday, March 22

Catching up...

I am without internet at home for the time being so I apologize for the delay in posting.  My cable was cut yesterday while tilling up my garden!
James is feeling well.  He is sore but he is not is much pain.  We are still waiting for the results of the biopsy.  He will see Dr. Curley (surgeon) tomorrow for a follow up visit. 
In other news, James' co workers at UPS have set up a Benefit Golf Tournament for James and another UPS driver battling cancer!  Check out the flyer and join in the fun!!!   

Sunday, March 20

Free at last...

Just want everyone to know Dr. Hyngstrom stopped by this morning and is discharging James from the hospital this morning.  Papa is on his way to pick us up now!  I will update later today!

Friday, March 18

Wrapping up Day 2

We're winding down tonight after a pretty good day.  James moved to a regular diet and tolerated it well.  He continued his breathing exercises and walked the hall three times today.  He is still in a bit a of pain tonight but they are working on that.  Not much talk of discharge yet but that could change at any time.  Please remember the following in your prayers:
  • James' pain to ease so his heart rate will stay in normal range and he can rest comfortably.
  • Pray for peace and comfort for all the patients here tonight. 
  • Give thanks to God for the caring, attentive staff at MD Anderson.
  • Give thanks for all of the people surrounding James and I with love and comforting words.  I know I will!
With a grateful heart,

Day 2

Hello again my friends~
We made it through the night.  James had a rough go but that was to be expected.  I, however, was completely drained and went out like a light!!!
Day 2 in the hospital is well underway.  James is still on a clear liquid diet but should move to regular food by this evening.  He is to walk four times per day and do breathing exercises every hour while he's awake.  He walked out of the room and around the nurse's station early and that caused plenty of pain.  He is resting well now and I think I will join him!  I will try to update later!


Dueteronomy 31:6-
"So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail nor abandon you."

Thursday, March 17

Care Calendar Is Now Set-up for James and Amy

Hi Friends,

This is Amy's friend Lisa guest posting tonight.  I have set up a Care Calendar online for meals, housework and yardwork for James and Amy over the next month.  In light of today's discoveries, they are anticipating coming home on Sunday, March 20th.  I have scheduled meals to be delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as well as yardwork on Wednesdays and housework on Thursdays.  Of course, if these days are not good for you, you are welcome to email me and I can update the calendar for you to sign up on another day. 

If you'd like access to the calendar, please email me at for the Calendar ID and Access Code. 

If you are unable to provide any of the services I've listed, feel free to consider donating either here on the blog (using the donate button in the sidebar) or donating gift cards for gas and/or groceries.  And as always, please continue to keep them lifted up in prayer. 

Thank you!


James is out of recovery and in a room.  He was very agitated by the oxygen tube in his nose.  It was just removed and he's holding his own.  He can begin clear liquids as tolerated tonight.  If he's up to it, he will get out of bed tonight and possibly walk in the room.  Depending on his pain, some tubes may come out as early as tomorrow. 
As for me, I will be staying here until he goes home.  We can be reached on my cell phone or by email. 
I can not thank you enough for the out pour of love and support through prayer. 
I love you all!

Not what we expected...

James' surgery started promptly at 7:30 this morning.  We were called from to waiting room to a conference room to meet with Dr. Curley at 8:30.  As he began surgery, he found lymph node abnormalities.  The lymph nodes were not enlarged but abnormal in texture.  Harden and not the normal sponge like texture.  Dr. Curley removed one and sent it for biopsy and it proved to be malignant.  At this point, we do not know how many lymph nodes are involved.  Here's what I do know:
  • God is still in control.  Always has been, always will be! 
  • The full biopsy report will determine what's next.  We should have this report in 5-7 days.
  • There will be more testing and likely more chemo.
  • James has about a 5 inch incision that has to heal before we move on.
  • He is in recovery and coming out from under the anesthesia.  When the doc came to talk to him, he simply asked, "So what's next?"
  • Dr. Coscio called from her cell on her day off to "check on us".  I am confident James is in the best of care!
Your love and prayers are being felt. 
Love to all,

Good morning...

Just wanted to update to let everyone know James is in surgery.  He was taken back around seven this morning and surgery was scheduled to begin at seven thirty.  It should last about two and a half  to three hours.  I will pass along info throughout the day...PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

Wednesday, March 9

Hello again...

I know it has been a while but there hasn't been much to report.  No news is good news, right?
Surgery is still on for next Thursday, March 17.  St. Patrick's Day!  On Monday, we will head downtown for blood work, EKG, and lung function test.  On Wednesday, James has an appointment with Dr. Curley and an anesthesia assessment.  We will not know the time of surgery until Wednesday. 

We thank each of you for love and support through prayer!  I will report again next week!!!
Love to all~