Thursday, April 28

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

So instead of a discharge tomorrow, all three docs released James to come home today on oral antibiotics and to walk tomorrow night so long as he wears a mask.  They're still waiting for the radiology report from today's CT scan. 
So glad to be home!!!

Rough night, busy morning

After two blood transfusions, James is feeling better!  PTL!
He started having back pain last night from the new WBC shot, Neulasta.  The shot stimulates bone marrow production causing achy bones for a day or two.  This should pass quickly.
Between the back pain and being hooked to his IV for blood and antibiotics all night, he was pretty restless.
Dr. Coscio has been by this morning to order a CT scan to follow up on the affected lung.  James' hemoglobin and red blood cell counts look great after the transfusion.  His WBC count is still low but shows signs of rebounding.  The steroid rash James has had with each round of chemo is worse than ever!  He's taking oral and topical Benadryl.
Pray for a hospital release tomorrow.  James is walking a survivor lap at America Cancer Society's Relay for Life with Aunt Donna tomorrow night.  Support James - Click here to donate

Love to all!

Tuesday, April 26

2 down and 1 to go...

We've seen two out of the three doctors in the last hour.  Dr. Mauripudi, Internal Medicine, and Dr. Coscio, Oncologist, just made rounds.  Dr. Sims, Infectious Disease, is somewhere on the floor and should be by soon.
And here's what we know now...
  • He is stable enough to be moved from ICU but still no visitors due to neutropenia.  Blood pressure, heart rate, and temp are just about normal now.
  • The transfusion this morning brought him from a 6.8 hgb to an 8.4 hgb.  He will likely receive another transfusion tomorrow morning.  Normal hemoglobin is 14.
  • What was thought to be pneumonia may be a bit of a collapsed lung.  James has been in pain and not breathing deeply for a while now.  It is common for a lung to begin to collapse if it is not being filled completely.  It is only a small portion of the lung and treatable. 
  • Dr. Coscio was the first of three docs to realize the pain in the abdomen is not being caused by the collapsed lung.  The left lung is collapsed and the pain James is experiencing is on the right side below his surgical sight. 
  • Nothing shows on the scans to be contributing to the pain on the right side.  It is possibly caused by bloating and puffiness from the fluids he was on last week.
I am sure there will be more to come...stay tuned!  Keep praying!
James was admitted to St. Luke's last night for neutropenia (low white blood counts), slight pneumonia, and very low hemoglobin.  He is in ICU/IMU and getting a transfusion this morning.  The pain he experienced in his abdomen over the weekend was caused by lower lobe pneumonia. 
We've been advised that he should not have visitors at this time.  Thanks for love and prayers.  I will keep you updated.

Monday, April 25

Another bump in this long road...

Ok so James started feeling bad on Saturday.  He was having some pain in his side and just plain didn't feel good.  This went on all weekend although he did make it to church yesterday. He went this afternoon to the clinic for blood work and to have the needle removed from his port. Remember, he came home on the pump Friday and he disconnected it Saturday.  We found out this afternoon the pump was not disconnected correctly leaving his port exposed to air since Saturday.  This means he is at risk for a blood stream infection. 
I will monitor his temperature and blood pressure but we are likely in for a trip to the ER tonight!
Pray and pray hard!

Friday, April 22

Week 1 of the new chemo is over!  PTL!!!
James isn't feeling great but is resting this afternoon. 
He has a fluid pump at home for the next 24 hours.  I will disconnect it tomorrow, flush his port, and give the new WBC shot. 
We are hoping for a restful weekend of celebration!  Happy Easter!
Love to all,

We're planning to attend Lonestar Cowboy Church in Montgomery for 7AM sunrise service on Sunday and would love for you to join us for worship!

Monday, April 18

The new deal...

Howdy friends!
I hate that I am not more regular with posting but I promise I am doing the best I can.  First things first, I would like to thank everyone for supporting the golf tournament this past weekend!  It was a huge success and we are blessed by every dollar donated and the precious time we spent with family and friends on Satuday.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Here's the new deal...
  • James started a new chemo regimen today.  It has different side effects than the last chemo cocktail.  I am still learning the names of the drugs and will post later with more info.
  • Blood counts have struggled to rebound after his last round of chemo.  A transfusion is still a possibility.
  • The sleeping meds prescribed last week did not help.  We will try something new tonight. 
  • The schedule~
    • Monday-Friday (Days 1-5) Chemo for approximatly seven hours at MD Anderson- The Woodlands.  During this week, James will come home from treatment on a pump administering fluids and meds.  (James HATES coming home on the bag.  He doesn't complain much but he complains about this)
    • Saturday (Day 6) A white blood cell booster.  This injection is different from the Nupagen shot James took during his last treatment. 
    • Monday (Day 8) - Bloodwork
    • Monday - Sunday (Day 8 - 14) - Low WB count. High infection risk.
    • Tuesday 5/3 (Day 15) - Appointment for imaging to see how effective this chemo has been!
    • Sunday - Sunday (Day 14- 21) - Rest and Recovery
As I learn more, I will pass it along to you!
Prayer and Praise -
Thank God for all of those who have helped James and I through this trial.
Thanks Him for giving James the strength and courage to endure more chemo.
Pray against fever and for rest!

We love you all!
"He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30 
Prepare your hearts for Easter Sunday!

Monday, April 11

Today's Appointment

Howdy all!  James and I had a great weekend only to be followed by a lousy Monday!  If it could go wrong today, it did!  Just one of those days!  Here's the latest:
  • James likely had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics he was prescribed in the ER.  Dr. Coscio changed this medicine today to protect him while his counts are down and to clear any infection near his incision.  The incision became red and inflamed on Saturday but should clear up quickly on the antibiotics.
  • A new chemo regimen is in the works.  James should start his new chemo drugs sometime next week.  Dr. Coscio is working to find a chemo cocktail with different side effects than James experienced this time so as not to cause any permanent damage to his body.
  • James had his last Bleo treatment today.  Please pray against fevers tonight and tomorrow.
  • He is still experiencing some Vertigo.  The medicine seems to be helping.
  • Blood counts should be on their way back up.  If James still feels weak by midweek, he will possibly receive a blood transfusion.
  • The last few nights have been restless for James.  He was given a prescription for this today.  Please pray for a good night's rest tonight!
Goodnight, my friends!

Friday, April 8

Last night's trip to the emergency room...

Yesterday afternoon, James went downhill.  He was weak, dizzy, and shaky.  The dizziness was leading to motion sickness.  We decided around 7ish we should head to the ER.  At home, James was running a slight temp but it was normal at the hospital.  They ran blood work and gave him a bag of fluids.  All counts were down but not as low as they have been in the past so they were comfortable sending him home on antibiotics and Vertigo meds for the dizziness and shakiness.  He is still sleeping now so I don't know how he's feeling today.  This round of chemo has really taken a toll on him.  Please pray for him to bounce back next week!
Love to all,

Just a reminder~ James' counts are down.  Please call before coming over and do not visit if you or a family memeber are/have been sick!  Thanks so much for being understanding!

Tuesday, April 5

A beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Just want to let everyone know all is well here!  James is a little weaker and more tired than he was during the first rounds of chemo but other than that he is doing just fine. His Bleo treatment went well yesterday and today he just headed out to go fishing and enjoy this fabulous weather!!!
Hope everyone has a great afternoon!