Friday, April 8

Last night's trip to the emergency room...

Yesterday afternoon, James went downhill.  He was weak, dizzy, and shaky.  The dizziness was leading to motion sickness.  We decided around 7ish we should head to the ER.  At home, James was running a slight temp but it was normal at the hospital.  They ran blood work and gave him a bag of fluids.  All counts were down but not as low as they have been in the past so they were comfortable sending him home on antibiotics and Vertigo meds for the dizziness and shakiness.  He is still sleeping now so I don't know how he's feeling today.  This round of chemo has really taken a toll on him.  Please pray for him to bounce back next week!
Love to all,

Just a reminder~ James' counts are down.  Please call before coming over and do not visit if you or a family memeber are/have been sick!  Thanks so much for being understanding!


  1. So sorry to hear.Maybe he needs to be careful about over doing{fishing}it.Extra prayers for him today. Hugs and love, The Bolts

  2. I hope the medicine they gave you today makes you feel better James. All our love, Aunt Mary & Uncle Ed