Tuesday, April 26

2 down and 1 to go...

We've seen two out of the three doctors in the last hour.  Dr. Mauripudi, Internal Medicine, and Dr. Coscio, Oncologist, just made rounds.  Dr. Sims, Infectious Disease, is somewhere on the floor and should be by soon.
And here's what we know now...
  • He is stable enough to be moved from ICU but still no visitors due to neutropenia.  Blood pressure, heart rate, and temp are just about normal now.
  • The transfusion this morning brought him from a 6.8 hgb to an 8.4 hgb.  He will likely receive another transfusion tomorrow morning.  Normal hemoglobin is 14.
  • What was thought to be pneumonia may be a bit of a collapsed lung.  James has been in pain and not breathing deeply for a while now.  It is common for a lung to begin to collapse if it is not being filled completely.  It is only a small portion of the lung and treatable. 
  • Dr. Coscio was the first of three docs to realize the pain in the abdomen is not being caused by the collapsed lung.  The left lung is collapsed and the pain James is experiencing is on the right side below his surgical sight. 
  • Nothing shows on the scans to be contributing to the pain on the right side.  It is possibly caused by bloating and puffiness from the fluids he was on last week.
I am sure there will be more to come...stay tuned!  Keep praying!


  1. Our hearts go out to you! We love you! Ed & Mary

  2. Onward Christian Soldiers ! Keep the faith and keep fighting to get this thing finished ! We love you and are praying for you everyday.. multiple times a day. The Bolts

  3. You both cross my mind just about every five minutes! I am so sorry that James is having such a hard time with this new round. Please know we pray for you often and think of you both even more than that.
    All of our love and prayers,
    Joanna and Justin Wiley