Monday, January 30

We made it through the weekend.  James is a little weak but otherwise good.  Papa is recovering nicely and should be going home soon.  Mawmaw had a rough weekend but things turned around for her yesterday and she is much better now.  We are still unsure when she will be released from the hospital. 

Don't forget...Relay for Life!  Get signed up to walk or please consider donating to our team to support the American Cancer Society!  Click here to sign up or donate!  Thanks in advance for helping us reach our goal!!! 

I think James and I will catch the afternoon showing of Beauty and the Beast 3D!
Have a great day!!!

Friday, January 27

James completed his 5 day round of chemo!  He is feeling pretty good tonight, tired but good.
Papa is doing very well!  The nursing home arranged for he and Mawmaw to be in the same room while they are there for rehab so I helped him move to his new room today. 
Mawmaw was not released from the hospital today.  She is having complications tonight.  I won't go into great detail but I ask that you say a prayer for her. 
Thanks for loving us through this!

Wednesday, January 25

Relay for Life

It is that time of year again!  Time for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Conroe!
Aunt Donna has started a team in honor of James.  We would like to be the biggest, best team there to show our support for James as he continues to fight this battle!
Here are the details...
  • To join our team, click here
  • There is a $10 registration per team member
  • Our goal is set for each walker/participant to raise $100
  • Our next goal is to have a participant from our team walking the track from 7PM - 7AM on May 4, 2012
  • If you are unable to walk, please consider donating or join the team to participate in the festivities by passing out water, snacks or cheering on our walkers!
If your business or company would be interested in donating items needed for the team, please email Aunt Donna

Let's raise support and awareness for the American Cancer Society! 
Let's show James we've got his back!!!

Care Calendar - Guest Post

Hi friends,

There's not much I can do for James and Amy from Kansas, but I can coordinate the Care Calendar once again.  If you are interested in signing up to bring a meal or assist with cleaning, please email me and I will forward the login information to you.  If you helped last spring and happen to still have the login information, it is the same.

Meals are requested on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to be delivered around 5:30pm.  Please keep in mind when you are preparing a meal that there are only 2 people eating and that one of them does not have much of an appetite right now.  There is limited freezer space and they hate to waste food that has been provided for them.

Thanks so much for helping out!
Lisa - lwrude96 @ yahoo dot com

Care Calendar

Daily Report...

James - Day 3 of 5 is well underway.  All is well for him.  Feels ok, looks good,  tummy full of wings, and napping comfortably.  Days 2-5 should be easy because he has had both chemo drugs in the past.
Papa - In great spirits and cutting up with the nurses.  Took him some hot wings for lunch then he should have therapy this afternoon.
Mawmaw- Surgery went well yesterday.  She is experiencing more pain than last time.  Restless night but feeling better today.  She had therapy and will possibly be released to the nursing home with Papa by Friday.
Joanna - Did not get the best of news today but she is not out of options...yet!
Please continue to pray for all my patients! 

From my sister...

 Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer. Romans 12:12

Monday, January 23

what a difference a day makes...

James is okay!  He doesn't feel the greatest but he doesn't feel too bad at all...I'll take that!  He was pretty drowsy this afternoon but he is awake now and tolerating the new chemo just fine!  Praise the Lord!!!  We'll do it all again tomorrow! 

Earlier today, I was an emotional wreck.  I was stressed, worried, heartbroken, and nervous.  Thanks to an Almighty God,  I am better now. 

Isaiah 41:10
10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
   do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
   I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

I believe He will see us through.  Just gotta trust in Him. 

so good

happy to report James hasn't had a reaction to the chemo.  Today, he is getting the new drug slowly infused at home on a pump.  He will get the other two drugs the rest on the week, Tues-Fri, at the clinic.  He has opted to get fluids at the clinic so he won't have the pump all week.  To prevent another neutropenic fever ER trip, James will start antibiotics next week and if there are no new symptoms, he can take Tylenol at home. 
Please pray...
  • the chemo destroys the new tumors
  • side effects won't be too hard for James to endure
  • Mawmaw's knee replacement will be successful and the recovery short and easy
Thank God...
  • for meeting our needs
  • for giving James and I each other
  • for giving us each and every loving person this blog meets
  • for the medical team at MD Anderson Regional Cancer Center - The Woodlands
  • that Papa is making progress and healing from his fall
Much love to everyone!

if you would...

please pray against an allergic reaction to this new chemo drug...aunt donna reacted to it.  i am very nervous.
here we go...
I don't even know where to begin or what to title this post. 
Last appointment, we learned the AFP was high.  After scans on Thursday, we now know why.  Cancer is alive and well in James body.  There are two new tumors (one in the abdomen, one above the bladder), new lymph node involvement, and a new place to monitor on the liver.  The words that broke my heart the most "progression of disease".  This disease is putting up on heck of a fight.
James is about to start his 5th cocktail of chemotherapy.  There will be new side effects, new meds. 
My sweet husband is handling this news just fine.  He is laying in bed waiting to start chemo.
I wish I could be more like him...I am devastated, heartbroken.  I need prayer for strength to carry on for my husband.

Wednesday, January 18

getting me through this week...

Isaiah 40:31
"Yet those who wait for the Lord Will gain new strength;

They will mount up with wings like eagles,
They will run and not get tired,
They will walk and not become weary. "

never a dull moment...

james is fine.  he is still taking his antibiotics and will go for scans tomorrow.  he has been feeling well.  pending tomorrow's scans, he will have chemo as scheduled on monday.

on a not so good note, my papa, mom's dad, had a trip and fall this morning in the kitchen of his home.  he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. after an x-ray and ct scan, we found he has broken the top part of his hip.  it is inoperable and will heal on its own with time and rest.  i spent the day with him and left him in pain tonight.  please say a prayer for rest and comfort for papa tonight.

love to all,

Thursday, January 12

and the results are in...

ultrasound is normal.  so, just as i diagnosed, james has neutropenic fever.  we are headed home with oral antibiotics.  we will follow up in the woodlands tomorrow and tuesday.
thanks so much my dear prayer ya!

During the night

James received...
blood work...check
I am pretty sure I've got this figured out!  We are waiting for our favorite doc to drop by and let us know if we can go home with oral antibiotics.  James is getting an abdominal ultrasound now because he could not handle the contrast for the CT scan last night.  If that checks out, I am sure we won't be here much longer.
I will update again later!

Wednesday, January 11

ER Trip

Hello All,
We are downtown at MD for a high fever.  When I got home from work, James' temp was 102.8.  Then thirty minutes later, it was 103.4 so here we are! 
I am sure bloodwork and scans will determine what we need to do.  I am also sure his counts are low and this is neutropenic fever.  I am sure fluids, antibiotics, and possibly a blood transfusion are in the near future for my man!  We will soon see.
We are waiting to be called back now so I will update soon!
Please say a prayer for my sweet JamesE tonight!
Love you all!

Sunday, January 8

~Way to Go Texans~

Yesterday, James looked and felt better than I have seen him all week.  He was abell to hang out at his buddy's house then watch the game!  He even stayed past 8:30!  So all in all, James and the Texans won!  Wahoo!!!
Now for a day of rest...Be blessed my dear readers!

Thursday, January 5

Done with round one

James has completed this first round of chemo.  He has spent most of today in his recliner, eating light and sleeping.  He does not feel great but has yet to complain.  I must brag for a moment...JamesE is amazing.  He makes my heart smile.  He has spent the last year enduring pain and discomfort beyond my imagination.  He has complained far less than most of us do on a normal day.  I admire him and aspire to be more like him.  He is truly amazing. 
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
  • Thank God for James' unbreakable spirit. 
  • Give thanks for Justin and Jo for dinner and a great visit.
  • Pray for a long time friend's mama.  She has recently been diagnosed and is hospitalized with severe pain tonight. 
  • Pray James' nausea and discomfort subsides.
Much love and many thanks!

Tuesday, January 3

We must go through the valley...

to stand upon the mountain of God.

And we are in the valley.  We learned today James' AFP is high again.  We are not where we were when we first started this journey but we are much higher than we were after surgery.  The doc gave several possibilities for the spike so I will pass along more detail when we've narrowed it down.  James will have a scan week after next to find where the cancer is this time.  For now, he will finish this round of chemo with tomorrow being the last day.  He will have a shot after treatment to help keep his WBC from dropping as low.  Since James will be neutropenic next week I ask that everyone call or text but please do not visit.  It is cold/flu season and I am not willing to risk James getting sick while he is on chemo.

  • My car is fixed.
  • Our needs are met.
  • James' nausea has been minimal.
  • Thank God for James' medical team.  He is in great hands!
~Prayer Requests~
  • We find the source of this AFP spike.
  • James continues to tolerate this round of chemo.
  • Pray for peace and strength for James and I to endure this again.
This verse was shared with me today and I am clinging tight to it tonight...
Psalms 34:17-18 
 17 The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. 18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted  and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Goodnight my friends!

Monday, January 2

Let the treatment begin...

James is getting hooked up and starting chemo as I type.  Please say a prayer for him to have minimal side effects and maximum results!  The chemo will run for 6.5 hours/day for three days. 

Now for a little testimony...
The brakes went out on my car on Wednesday night.  So naturally on my way to work Thursday when I find out my mechanic is closed, I call my mom to fuss.  Nothing ever goes right.  I really don't need this.  I dont' have the money for car repairs right now.  Ugh!  That was the devil talking because by Friday I told mom that I couldn't worry with all that.  I couldn't stress over money.  I had faith that God would provide for us because that's what He said. 
Now for the awesome part...He did!  The Lord used my Dacus family to meet our needs.  He delivered our blessing in a blingy red box and we are so grateful.  The special messages in each card have encouraged us to be courageous as James starts chemo again and continues his battle.  We thank everyone who has helped us for the past year.  You have touch our lives and will always hold a special place in out hearts.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Happy New Year!  Make it the best year of your life!  Start now!   Put a smile on your face and thank God for this day!!!
Love, love, love you all!!!