Monday, January 23

so good

happy to report James hasn't had a reaction to the chemo.  Today, he is getting the new drug slowly infused at home on a pump.  He will get the other two drugs the rest on the week, Tues-Fri, at the clinic.  He has opted to get fluids at the clinic so he won't have the pump all week.  To prevent another neutropenic fever ER trip, James will start antibiotics next week and if there are no new symptoms, he can take Tylenol at home. 
Please pray...
  • the chemo destroys the new tumors
  • side effects won't be too hard for James to endure
  • Mawmaw's knee replacement will be successful and the recovery short and easy
Thank God...
  • for meeting our needs
  • for giving James and I each other
  • for giving us each and every loving person this blog meets
  • for the medical team at MD Anderson Regional Cancer Center - The Woodlands
  • that Papa is making progress and healing from his fall
Much love to everyone!

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