Monday, January 2

Let the treatment begin...

James is getting hooked up and starting chemo as I type.  Please say a prayer for him to have minimal side effects and maximum results!  The chemo will run for 6.5 hours/day for three days. 

Now for a little testimony...
The brakes went out on my car on Wednesday night.  So naturally on my way to work Thursday when I find out my mechanic is closed, I call my mom to fuss.  Nothing ever goes right.  I really don't need this.  I dont' have the money for car repairs right now.  Ugh!  That was the devil talking because by Friday I told mom that I couldn't worry with all that.  I couldn't stress over money.  I had faith that God would provide for us because that's what He said. 
Now for the awesome part...He did!  The Lord used my Dacus family to meet our needs.  He delivered our blessing in a blingy red box and we are so grateful.  The special messages in each card have encouraged us to be courageous as James starts chemo again and continues his battle.  We thank everyone who has helped us for the past year.  You have touch our lives and will always hold a special place in out hearts.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Happy New Year!  Make it the best year of your life!  Start now!   Put a smile on your face and thank God for this day!!!
Love, love, love you all!!!


  1. Love, Love, Love you all too!! Prayers are being lifted up for James right now. May 2012 be your year to see God's Miracle.
    Love & Blessings,
    Aunt Lou

  2. May this be the beginning of the end of this journey. So glad you don't have to worry about the car repairs too. Love ya!

  3. Amy & James
    Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help, if its at the hosptial or at home, cleaning, washing clothes, helping out in anyway guys just call and where there..... we love ya'll

    The Dukes

  4. Onward Christian soldiers.Sorry about the car. Bless your sweet heart. Our prayers are early and often for you guys. We love you. Bill and Deb