Thursday, January 5

Done with round one

James has completed this first round of chemo.  He has spent most of today in his recliner, eating light and sleeping.  He does not feel great but has yet to complain.  I must brag for a moment...JamesE is amazing.  He makes my heart smile.  He has spent the last year enduring pain and discomfort beyond my imagination.  He has complained far less than most of us do on a normal day.  I admire him and aspire to be more like him.  He is truly amazing. 
~Praise and Prayer Requests~
  • Thank God for James' unbreakable spirit. 
  • Give thanks for Justin and Jo for dinner and a great visit.
  • Pray for a long time friend's mama.  She has recently been diagnosed and is hospitalized with severe pain tonight. 
  • Pray James' nausea and discomfort subsides.
Much love and many thanks!


  1. Amy and James E, So glad this round of chemo is over and that you came through it with God watching over you. We, all of my group of Abell's will keep you both in our prayers. Take care and we love you lots, Michelle.

  2. Ding,ding,ding round one and the redhead wins another round.I am proud of you both. God has put a good work in both of you. Praying for this to be put to rest so that James can fulfill God's purpose. Momma B.

  3. thinking of you all..hope all goes ya!!
    roger and wanda