Wednesday, August 24

A little at a time...

We are chipping away at this tumor a little at a time.  The tumor has decreased in size and the AFP is continuing to go down.  This chemo is a marathon, not a sprint but it is doing its job while allowing James' body to recover and heal from the previous chemos.  Monday's scan showed nothing new for concern.  For the time being, James will continue FOLFOX chemo regimen which is every other Wednesday and hooked up to the bag until Friday. 
~Praise the Lord~
  • Blood counts are up.  AFP and tumor numbers are down!!!
  • James is feeling so much better!
  • Aunt Donna is recovering from her final round of chemo and will return to work full time before her surgery in September.
  • We got to spend lots of time with Uncle Ed, Aunt Mary, James' mom, Lauren and two sweet little boys last weekend and we will get to do it all again this weekend with my extended family!
  • Ask for comfort of Kelly, a breast cancer survivor friend of mine, who's mom lost her battle to cancer last weekend!  My heart is broken and relieved she is finally cured!
  • James' tumor behaves itself and continues to shrink.
  • Pray for rain and relieve from this heat!
  • Ask for safe travels for family members coming to Texas this weekend.
  • Ask God to bless Ryan and Brandy as they enter into the life long commitment of marriage. 
  • Say a special prayer for James' Granny Abell too, please!  She had a couple of spells this week!
Hope all is well for my dear blog readers!  Have a happy Wednesday!
Much love to all,

Saturday, August 13

After another round...

James is still feeling fine.  He had chemo Wednesday and came off the pump on Friday.  His tummy is unsettled and he has a slight headache but otherwise good!
Scans are scheduled for August 22 and we are happy to report his AFP is still going down! 
This week - 
  • James and Tate will continue going to the Lake
  •  We will see the Texans play a preseason game.
  •  Attend a Sports and Outdoors Banquet hosted by a local church
  •  Have Uncle Ed and Aunt Mary visit from California
  • And watch the Friday night Fireworks after the Astros lose yet another game!!!
I will update with pics as I can!  Pray for great scan results!
Love to all!

Sunday, August 7

Not much to report.  All is well in the Abell household.  James is feeling great and has been taking Tate swimming in the evenings.  The temp here has been over a hundred degrees all week long with no end or rain in sight!  James will have blood work, doc appointment, and chemo on Wednesday.  We will likely schedule scans at the next appointment!
Hope all our blog readers have a blessed Sunday afternoon!
Love to all,