Saturday, August 13

After another round...

James is still feeling fine.  He had chemo Wednesday and came off the pump on Friday.  His tummy is unsettled and he has a slight headache but otherwise good!
Scans are scheduled for August 22 and we are happy to report his AFP is still going down! 
This week - 
  • James and Tate will continue going to the Lake
  •  We will see the Texans play a preseason game.
  •  Attend a Sports and Outdoors Banquet hosted by a local church
  •  Have Uncle Ed and Aunt Mary visit from California
  • And watch the Friday night Fireworks after the Astros lose yet another game!!!
I will update with pics as I can!  Pray for great scan results!
Love to all!


  1. Yay for AFP going down! Hope you guys have a great week. Sounds like a busy one! Love ya bunches!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy. It sounds like the redhead is fighting back this ole cancer. Lets go James.. win this one. Love you guys. The Bolts

  3. Haha, love your comment about the 'stros game. Y'all have a fabulous week!