Monday, February 27

Rough Weekend

James has been sick since the end of chemo Friday afternoon.  Lots of nausea and upset stomach.  He saw the doc this morning, started new antibiotics, and got a bag of fluids.  This has helped him feel a little better this evening.  His counts are down but if he remains fever free, he can stay out of the hospital. 
Please pray for comfort and rest.  Pray for strength to continue fighting this battle.  The road is so long...
May God bless each of you with a great week!

Thursday, February 23

Relay for Life

The event will be held May 4-5.  It is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  Because the first team is full, we have started a second team.  All you gotta do...
We have two months until this event takes place and I will continue to bug you so you might as well join the team!!! 

Treatment Week

I am sorry for the delay in my post.  Blogger changed its layout and I am learning how to navigate. 
James is getting treatment this week.  Just one more day to go.  He is experiencing a bit more nausea this round.  I pray this goes away and he can enjoy a weekend fishing with his dad, who will be in tomorrow night!  We are looking forward to his visit!
Much love to all!

Thursday, February 16

Treatment Delayed

James is not getting chemo this week.  His bloodwork showed his platelets to be too low so he will go in Monday.  Good news...his AFP has made a nice drop!  This chemo concoction is working for now!
I am exhausted after Valentine's day!  For those readers who don't know, I am a florist.  It has been a very busy week for me!  I am also coming down with a sore throat.  I have beefed up on the vitamins but will go to the doc if I can't shake it.
Much love to all my dear readers!!!

Saturday, February 4

there's no place...

like home!  James was discharged yesterday afternoon.  Counts are looking better.  His WBC is still low but he is on antibiotics for prevention.  It is rainy and cold so I do believe we will stay home today!
Give thanks...
  • To my neighbor for the supper!  Such a treat to get home yesterday and not have to cook! 
  • To Lisa for the care calendar and jazzing up the blog for me! 
  • To God for protecting us and loving us!
Have a happy weekend! 

Thursday, February 2

climbing out of this hole...

the numbers are slowly making their way up.  hemoglobin is better after the transfusion.  waiting for the wbc/anc to come up a little more before we can bust out of here. 
james has perked up and feels better this afternoon. 
thanks for your love and prayers.
we love you all!

A story of Hope...

James was admitted to St. Luke's December 13, 2010.  On the morning of the 14th, I am a mess because we were up all night and he was going to be seen by an oncologist.  I headed to the cafeteria for my morning Dr. Pepper and there she angel in a hairnet.  The cafeteria cashier.  She hugged me, asked me why I was so sad, and she said, "My baby, you must never, ever, lose..."  She held out her name badge and said, "Hope".  I promised never to forget that day because I knew God put her in my path to comfort me.

Fast forward to February 2, 2012, I headed to the cafeteria for my morning Dr. Pepper and guess who was waiting for me...Hope.  She said since she hadn't seen me is so long, she thought my husband was better.  I told her I wished that were the case.  I caught her up to date on James' condition and ended by saying, "We've just got to keep on going."  Hope said, "My sweet baby, everyday you wake up breathing, thank God for it and just keep on going because that day is His gift to you.  He will see you through, my baby!"

Wednesday, February 1

...rock bottom...

James' counts hit rock bottom today.  The good news...we can only go up from here.  His hemoglobin, platelets, WBC, ANC potassium, and magnesium are all extremely low.  We saw our favorite doc this morning and she recommended coming into the hospital for a couple of days for IV antibiotics, fluids, other meds, and a blood transfusion.  James is very weak and run down more so than usual.  As always, James is at a high risk for infection so he is on isolation and not allowed visitors at this time.  Tonight, I pray for restful sleep for my JamesE.  Please pray for his counts to rebound quickly so he won't have to stay here long. 
Here's to a goodnight from our construction site view hospital room!
A very tired caregiver

Must give thanks...Papa is home tonight and Mawmaw is finally out of the hospital downtown and in the nursing home for therapy.  Praise the Lord!!!  Two of my three patients are ok!