Thursday, February 2

A story of Hope...

James was admitted to St. Luke's December 13, 2010.  On the morning of the 14th, I am a mess because we were up all night and he was going to be seen by an oncologist.  I headed to the cafeteria for my morning Dr. Pepper and there she angel in a hairnet.  The cafeteria cashier.  She hugged me, asked me why I was so sad, and she said, "My baby, you must never, ever, lose..."  She held out her name badge and said, "Hope".  I promised never to forget that day because I knew God put her in my path to comfort me.

Fast forward to February 2, 2012, I headed to the cafeteria for my morning Dr. Pepper and guess who was waiting for me...Hope.  She said since she hadn't seen me is so long, she thought my husband was better.  I told her I wished that were the case.  I caught her up to date on James' condition and ended by saying, "We've just got to keep on going."  Hope said, "My sweet baby, everyday you wake up breathing, thank God for it and just keep on going because that day is His gift to you.  He will see you through, my baby!"


  1. What a great Angel God sent you ! Reading this brought tears to my eyes.That Lady was no accident , God put her right where you needed her to be. I read such Faith ,Hope, desire, commitment,determination,Loyalty,Love,Hurt, fustration,sadness,giving, in all that you write. These Blogs not only are helping you they are helping so many others that are reading the Blogs. Amy, you are such a gracious young lady.

  2. Oh precious child of God of course there is ALWAYS hope.Praying for strength for you and James.Dear Lord Jesus,we know you are a loving God and we know that your plans for us are always for good. We ask that you strengthen your child James and bring him back home where he is comfortable.We ask that you comfort Amy and keep her in your loving arms.Amen
    We love you guys. Bill and Deb