Wednesday, February 1

...rock bottom...

James' counts hit rock bottom today.  The good news...we can only go up from here.  His hemoglobin, platelets, WBC, ANC potassium, and magnesium are all extremely low.  We saw our favorite doc this morning and she recommended coming into the hospital for a couple of days for IV antibiotics, fluids, other meds, and a blood transfusion.  James is very weak and run down more so than usual.  As always, James is at a high risk for infection so he is on isolation and not allowed visitors at this time.  Tonight, I pray for restful sleep for my JamesE.  Please pray for his counts to rebound quickly so he won't have to stay here long. 
Here's to a goodnight from our construction site view hospital room!
A very tired caregiver

Must give thanks...Papa is home tonight and Mawmaw is finally out of the hospital downtown and in the nursing home for therapy.  Praise the Lord!!!  Two of my three patients are ok!

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  1. Praying for you guys.
    Uncle Ronnie