Thursday, February 16

Treatment Delayed

James is not getting chemo this week.  His bloodwork showed his platelets to be too low so he will go in Monday.  Good news...his AFP has made a nice drop!  This chemo concoction is working for now!
I am exhausted after Valentine's day!  For those readers who don't know, I am a florist.  It has been a very busy week for me!  I am also coming down with a sore throat.  I have beefed up on the vitamins but will go to the doc if I can't shake it.
Much love to all my dear readers!!!


  1. Hope you had a good valentines celebration at home. Love you guys.The Bolts

  2. Both of you get some much needed rest. Glad to hear the good news on the AFP counts. We will keeping praying. Love, Uncle Gary and Aunt Tricia