Sunday, March 3

Relay for Life

Please help us meet our Always Abell Team goal of $5000 in memory of my sweet James E!

If you would like to participate, please 

Tuesday, January 22


James' race is won.  He has crossed the finish line and victory is eternal!

Friday, January 11

almost home

We're experiencing a few hiccups getting everything arranged to go home.  As of now, we are still in the hospital.  James' abdomen is causing great discomfort and pain.  It is likely he will have a tube placed to provide relief.  This tube will allow us to suction his abdomen when his pain becomes unbearable.  Please continue to pray for comfort and God's perfect peace.

Thursday, January 10


We are nearing the end of an extremely long journey.  There are many complications now.  Today, we will leave the hospital for what I hope is the last time.  From this point forward, James will be cared for by hospice nurses in our home.  James has fought a long, hard battle and his body just can't carry on anymore.  

This photo was taken the weekend before James was diagnosed two years ago.
This illness has taken a toll on both of us.  The truth be told, we are better because of it.
The Lord used this illness to teach us what marriage is really all about.  He used this illness to draw us close to Him.  He used this illness to witness to lost souls and further the Kingdom of Heaven.  
It is all for His Glory!

I thank each of you for joining us on this adventure.  It has been a blessing to have you along the way!
I ask you to join me in praying for James.  My prayer is God's total peace over James' body.  I pray James will be comfortable and pain free.  I pray when God calls him home, James will go running and kick up gold on the streets of Heaven leaving his useless shell of a body here and be healed!
We love you and thank you all for your support!

Tuesday, December 25

There is so much to say but somehow, this photo just speaks for itself.
Thank you for joining us on this journey of illness, mercy, hurt, grace, love, forgiveness, healing and proof of a Savior!

"10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." 
Luke 2:10-14

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!  May God bless you!
With hearts filled with gratitude and love,
James and Amy Abell

Wednesday, December 12

My oh my...

where did a month go???  We've been busy since James was discharged from the hospital.  Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas photos and decorating and a hunting trip have kept us busy this past month.  James still struggles with low blood counts.  He is weak and rests often but overall, he is doing well.  It is my prayer he will stay healthy and out of the hospital for the Christmas festivities.  Home health comes weekly for blood draws and PICC line dressing changes.  This has been a huge blessing as it keep us out of the doctor's office and hospital.  As it is scheduled now, James will see the doc and get his Avastin treatment next Tuesday.

I would like to remind you all to keep your focus on the importance of this season.  Trees, lights, Santa, Elves on shelves are so much fun but please, keep the true meaning of Christmas in your heart and share it with someone.  Christmas changed the world then the world changed Christmas.  The birth of Jesus Christ is why we celebrate Christmas.  Share the real Christmas story with a child!  

Slow down.  Relish the moment with your loved ones.  Cherish every moment.  Love.  Forgive.  Smile.  Give.  Let it go.  Let Him have control!  
This Friday, we celebrate the two year anniversary of James' cancer diagnosis.  I have been blessed to put the experiences of the past two years in writing.  I pray you've been blessed by reading it!  I love you all and hope you know it!

Monday, November 12

In and Out and In and Out and Back In again...

We were discharged Saturday morning.  We had a pretty good day.  Lots of rest and quality time with James' dad, sister, and our nephews.  For this, we are thankful.
Around nine thirty on Saturday night, I attempted to flush the line to the port to start his antibiotic.  As I pushed the saline into the line, James cried out in pain.  This is uncommon so I called Dr. C.  Due to the swelling around the line and the tenderness/pain, she sent us to the ER.  We were admitted at midnight, just fourteen hours after our discharge.
Blood cultures were drawn, lab work, and more antibiotics.  Today, we learned the cultures have come back positive.  The port needs to come out.  A new pic line will be placed.  This should be an uneventful procedure.  Our only hiccup would be James' low platelet count.  He will have a platelet transfusions pre-op, in the OR, and post-op.  
Prayer request - 
  • Pray for an easy procedure without complication
  • Pray for James' team of doctors
  • Pray for those hurting and struggling to deal with James' health condition.  May the Lord become evident and real to them.  Ask Him to cover them with peace.
  • Pray for patience for the patient's wife...they are trivial gripes but I am so tired.  Exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally.  This has been a long road.
  • Pray for those along the east coast still struggling.
Praise God
  • For sending His Son
  • For unfailing, unconditional love
  • For carrying James and I this far
  • For every nurse, PCA, and doctor caring for James
  • For our church family!  They brought Thanksgiving dinner to us since we were unable to attend yesterday afternoon.  So thoughtful, so kind.  It is a small church BIG on love.  We are so grateful for everyone there!!!
I will update again after the procedure!
Much love and appreciation to all!!!

Wednesday, November 7

James was discharged from the hospital yesterday morning around ten thirty.  We rested well during the afternoon but James grew increasingly uncomfortable as the day wore on.  His belly is distended and feels yuck.  He has been nauseous and vomiting since yesterday evening.  His port has still been sore and tender.

We went to MD for an Avastin treatment and Dr. C thought it best to treat his symptoms inpatient.  A blood transfusion is not needed at this time.  He had an abdominal xray to check for an obstruction of the bowel. 

For now, his nausea and vomiting are controlled with medicine and he's resting comfortably.  Dr. C and Dr. M (his inpatient doc) will continue to do all they can to keep him comfortable and pain free. 

On the upside, we were given our lake view room with our pet spider!  We appreciate your love and prayers.   I will update again tomorrow!

Monday, November 5

Day 4

Happy Monday, Friends!
It is day four here and we are getting a bit restless!  We are waiting to see his docs this morning.  He did get a second blood transfusion yesterday.  His counts are slowly trying to make it back up.  We had a great day yesterday visiting with Lauren most of the day and watching our spider friend.  

This guys lives outside out hospital window.  We've watched him keep house and catch his food.
I think he needs a name...what do you think?
I will update again