Wednesday, November 7

James was discharged from the hospital yesterday morning around ten thirty.  We rested well during the afternoon but James grew increasingly uncomfortable as the day wore on.  His belly is distended and feels yuck.  He has been nauseous and vomiting since yesterday evening.  His port has still been sore and tender.

We went to MD for an Avastin treatment and Dr. C thought it best to treat his symptoms inpatient.  A blood transfusion is not needed at this time.  He had an abdominal xray to check for an obstruction of the bowel. 

For now, his nausea and vomiting are controlled with medicine and he's resting comfortably.  Dr. C and Dr. M (his inpatient doc) will continue to do all they can to keep him comfortable and pain free. 

On the upside, we were given our lake view room with our pet spider!  We appreciate your love and prayers.   I will update again tomorrow!

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  1. I am glad that they can keep him comfortable. Prayers for no pain or discomfort. Are you in Houston or the Woodlands ? Love Debbie and Bill