Saturday, November 3

Day 2 from our lake view room

Things are starting to look up today.  WBC and platelet counts are still low today but his hemoglobin has improved with the transfusion.  He's about to start his third dose of IV antibiotics so he should be up for well visitors tomorrow. He is still having waves of nausea and vomiting but we're trying to control it with meds. Praise the Lord the Doppler done on James' left leg is normal.  The swelling in his leg/foot is likely due to the long travel home on Thursday.  Dr. N, Dr. C's partner, says he'll likely keep him through the weekend then continue IV antibiotics at home with our home health nurse.  

Tonight, I am thankful for thirty minutes of smiles and laughter with my older sister.  I am thankful for a brother in-law willing to entertain two kiddos in the car so Carrie could visit us.  I am thankful for the innocent smiles and questions from Jefferson and Harper and the excitement when they got to wave to Uncle James at the window!  I am thankful the swelling has gone down in James' legs.  I am thankful we figured out how to change the input source on the hospital TV so he play games on his PS3 to pass the time.  I am thankful he is relaxing comfortably.  I am thankful we serve a mighty, mighty God!

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