Tuesday, January 22


James' race is won.  He has crossed the finish line and victory is eternal!

Friday, January 11

almost home

We're experiencing a few hiccups getting everything arranged to go home.  As of now, we are still in the hospital.  James' abdomen is causing great discomfort and pain.  It is likely he will have a tube placed to provide relief.  This tube will allow us to suction his abdomen when his pain becomes unbearable.  Please continue to pray for comfort and God's perfect peace.

Thursday, January 10


We are nearing the end of an extremely long journey.  There are many complications now.  Today, we will leave the hospital for what I hope is the last time.  From this point forward, James will be cared for by hospice nurses in our home.  James has fought a long, hard battle and his body just can't carry on anymore.  

This photo was taken the weekend before James was diagnosed two years ago.
This illness has taken a toll on both of us.  The truth be told, we are better because of it.
The Lord used this illness to teach us what marriage is really all about.  He used this illness to draw us close to Him.  He used this illness to witness to lost souls and further the Kingdom of Heaven.  
It is all for His Glory!

I thank each of you for joining us on this adventure.  It has been a blessing to have you along the way!
I ask you to join me in praying for James.  My prayer is God's total peace over James' body.  I pray James will be comfortable and pain free.  I pray when God calls him home, James will go running and kick up gold on the streets of Heaven leaving his useless shell of a body here and be healed!
We love you and thank you all for your support!