Saturday, November 3

A trip to KY...a trip to the hospital...

Dacus Baptist Transportation Ministry delivered James and I from Kentucky to our home Thursday evening.  A super huge thank you to Cory and Bro. Chris for making the long drive and an equally huge thanks to Uncle Paul and Aunt Cathy for taking in four crazy  Texans for the night.  We also appreciate Jon and Angie Young for offering up their     vehicle so James could be as comfortable as possible.  We enjoyed our time with James' family but we're thrilled tobe home after being gone for 13 days.  I thank you all for praying for us and helping us and loving us!  
James was admitted to St. Luke's yesterday.  We had blood work drawn and a visit with the nurse practitioner on    Friday afternoon.  Blood work revealed James to be critically anemic (low hemoglobin), neutropenic (low white blood cell count) and potassium/magnesium deficient.  We also think he has an infection in his port-o-cath.  We could        handle each of these situations individually but all at once is a challenge.  With the possibility of infection, the port   is off  limits so James is getting a blood transfusion through an IV in his arm.  I Vs in his arm usually last less than a day before blowing due to weak veins.  He was given to units of blood and a bag of magnesium and potassium           during the night.  His first round of antibiotic is dripping now.
We will likely be here all until Monday.  James is on neutropenic precaution.  He is allowed well visitors wearing      masks and gloves.    

Please prayer for comfort, rest, and strength.  


  1. You are in my families prayers. Do hope he improves. It is in God's hands.

  2. hey amy glad you both enjoyed your visit to visit james' family. i hope all goes well at the hospital and he is home soon. God speed to both of you and lots of love and prayers. luv you both
    donna adamski