Monday, October 8

God is good all the time...

all the time, God is good!  I have to sing his praises today.  Today, I am thankful:

  • for the encouragement of a church member.  Ms. Nancy said the most encouraging words I've heard anyone say to James.  I have no doubt the Lord gave her the words to speak to touch my heavy heart.  She simply said, "Thank you for trying.  Thank you for doing your very best."  So simple but so touching.
  • for another church member, Ms. Delma, willing to take a moment to pray with James after the service yesterday.  He heard our cries and he has answered with a wonderful day.  James has not been sick today.  He's had some pain but overall, this has been one of the best days we've seen in a while.  The Lord knew what we needed and all we had to do was ask.
  • for the sermon that filled my cup.  He met me right where I was and he touched my heart. Today, I feel a renewed strength.  My cup runneth over!
  • for the two meals James has eaten today!!!  Bacon and fried bologna!!!  
  • for God's promise to meet all our needs!  
  • for every single person helping us along this journey
  • for the time with family we have planned later on tonight.  I pray God will bless it and make it great!
  • for the safe, healthy delivery of my dear friend Heidi's son, Case.
What are you thankful for today?  Have to you told Him?
Much love to all,

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