Monday, February 27

Rough Weekend

James has been sick since the end of chemo Friday afternoon.  Lots of nausea and upset stomach.  He saw the doc this morning, started new antibiotics, and got a bag of fluids.  This has helped him feel a little better this evening.  His counts are down but if he remains fever free, he can stay out of the hospital. 
Please pray for comfort and rest.  Pray for strength to continue fighting this battle.  The road is so long...
May God bless each of you with a great week!

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  1. Dear Jesus,give Amy and James the strength that they need. Only you can provide that.Give them courage to know what direction is best for them.Take away the discomfort that James is feeling and Lord give Amy the needed rest she needs to be the caregiver.Lord God, take their yoke and bless them today.Amen
    We love you guys. The Bolts