Thursday, March 1

Almost doesn't count...

James almost made it through this round without a hospital stay.  However, he was weak, dizzy and shaky today so I called the clinic to have blood work ordered.  His hemoglobin is "critical" and everything else is low.  Don't panic, you can only go so low then they call it critical.  After a transfusion, he should go back to low!  So let's talk numbers...ya wanna?  Hemoglobin should be 14-18 in adult males.  James' hemoglobin reached an all time low for him coming in at 6.8.  His platelet count is also low but I can't recall the exact number.  Dr. C ordered a blood and platelet transfusion in the Temporary Care Unit of the hospital.  However, this particular hospital stays full people that use the ER as a doctors' office so of course, the hospital is too busy treating people with colds and stomach bugs to care for someone that really needs it.  So we registered at the hospital  at 4PM and were told we could go home or wait among the general population in the ER for three hours.  Really?!?!?  Three hours?!?!?  With the guy throwing up in a bucket?  Or the lady coughing up God only know what?  Three hours during cold/flu season in the ER waiting room with my husband's compromised immune system?  Someone should be slapped!  Or maybe someone visiting the ER for a common cold should be sent elsewhere and asked to take their misbehavin child with them!  *Please excuse that little outburst*
Ok now that I have that off my chest, we opted to go home and wait.  I packed a bag as we will likely be here all night and I will head to work from here.  As it goes now, we will likely be here until the end of time if these people don't start making things happen!  We've been here over an hour and James hasn't been least we are not in the waiting room. 
Please, my lovelies, pray for comfort and rest for James and patience for me. 
If I haven't told you lately, I hate cancer.  I am over my husband being sick.  I want him well!


  1. Oh Miss Amy! Sweetheart, you have every right to be upset and's nothing short of a disgrace that people abuse the hospital system (whole other topic)! It has to be overwhelmingly frustrating for James and you to deal with this day in and out. I know in my heart of hearts God knows your needs. I truly can't fathom the amount of faith you've had to muster...but ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. It's what you know and what you have to stayed focused on. There is so much love around you both. God's angels are watching over you always.
    Have a favorite flavor cupcake?? :o) Message me!

  2. So glad to see you acting like I did when my brother had cancer. There never seemed to be a sense of urgency. And you have every right to feel the way that you do. Now I am angry!!! Prayers and God's love will see you through this, but, He needs to light a fire under someone to get this all to happen for James. I was just thinking about the family reunion and all the fun we had. So much has changed since then. They will get his numbers up and he will feel better. Love you both and think of you all every day. Love and Prayers, Michelle

  3. So sorry sweet friends. Praying for you.The Bolts