Tuesday, March 27

Relay for Life

Alright folks...we are closing in on the Relay for Life event happening on Friday, May 4!  We have set some pretty serious goals and we need your help...

  1. Sign up today...Join Now
    1. Click the third purple tab to join
  2. Please honor a loved one with a luminaria..  Click here to donate a luminaria
    1. This is a really neat ceremony.  The lights go out on the field and the entire track is lit by candles in honor or memory of a cancer patient.
    2. Aunt Donna is determined to make our team shine the brightest and is hoping for 100+ bags.
  3. For those that have already signed up, please continue to raise money and encourage people to donate luminarias.  Also, we have a team meeting scheduled for April 10 at 7 PM in Conroe.  Please be on the look out for an email with more info.
Thank you to everyone for your donations and participation!  It is my hope this event will show James just how much he is loved and supported through this battle.  It is also a great opportunity to celebrate Aunt Donna and Papa's victory over this dreadful disease!
May God bless you and yours!

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