Thursday, April 28

Rough night, busy morning

After two blood transfusions, James is feeling better!  PTL!
He started having back pain last night from the new WBC shot, Neulasta.  The shot stimulates bone marrow production causing achy bones for a day or two.  This should pass quickly.
Between the back pain and being hooked to his IV for blood and antibiotics all night, he was pretty restless.
Dr. Coscio has been by this morning to order a CT scan to follow up on the affected lung.  James' hemoglobin and red blood cell counts look great after the transfusion.  His WBC count is still low but shows signs of rebounding.  The steroid rash James has had with each round of chemo is worse than ever!  He's taking oral and topical Benadryl.
Pray for a hospital release tomorrow.  James is walking a survivor lap at America Cancer Society's Relay for Life with Aunt Donna tomorrow night.  Support James - Click here to donate

Love to all!

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