Monday, April 18

The new deal...

Howdy friends!
I hate that I am not more regular with posting but I promise I am doing the best I can.  First things first, I would like to thank everyone for supporting the golf tournament this past weekend!  It was a huge success and we are blessed by every dollar donated and the precious time we spent with family and friends on Satuday.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Here's the new deal...
  • James started a new chemo regimen today.  It has different side effects than the last chemo cocktail.  I am still learning the names of the drugs and will post later with more info.
  • Blood counts have struggled to rebound after his last round of chemo.  A transfusion is still a possibility.
  • The sleeping meds prescribed last week did not help.  We will try something new tonight. 
  • The schedule~
    • Monday-Friday (Days 1-5) Chemo for approximatly seven hours at MD Anderson- The Woodlands.  During this week, James will come home from treatment on a pump administering fluids and meds.  (James HATES coming home on the bag.  He doesn't complain much but he complains about this)
    • Saturday (Day 6) A white blood cell booster.  This injection is different from the Nupagen shot James took during his last treatment. 
    • Monday (Day 8) - Bloodwork
    • Monday - Sunday (Day 8 - 14) - Low WB count. High infection risk.
    • Tuesday 5/3 (Day 15) - Appointment for imaging to see how effective this chemo has been!
    • Sunday - Sunday (Day 14- 21) - Rest and Recovery
As I learn more, I will pass it along to you!
Prayer and Praise -
Thank God for all of those who have helped James and I through this trial.
Thanks Him for giving James the strength and courage to endure more chemo.
Pray against fever and for rest!

We love you all!
"He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30 
Prepare your hearts for Easter Sunday!


  1. God's Arms are around you both! Lot's of Loving thoughts coming your way as well honey baby! ~Holly

  2. I can do all things through
    Christ that gives me strength ! That is the way you guys rol1 !!!!!!!!!! Love you.The Bolts