Monday, April 11

Today's Appointment

Howdy all!  James and I had a great weekend only to be followed by a lousy Monday!  If it could go wrong today, it did!  Just one of those days!  Here's the latest:
  • James likely had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics he was prescribed in the ER.  Dr. Coscio changed this medicine today to protect him while his counts are down and to clear any infection near his incision.  The incision became red and inflamed on Saturday but should clear up quickly on the antibiotics.
  • A new chemo regimen is in the works.  James should start his new chemo drugs sometime next week.  Dr. Coscio is working to find a chemo cocktail with different side effects than James experienced this time so as not to cause any permanent damage to his body.
  • James had his last Bleo treatment today.  Please pray against fevers tonight and tomorrow.
  • He is still experiencing some Vertigo.  The medicine seems to be helping.
  • Blood counts should be on their way back up.  If James still feels weak by midweek, he will possibly receive a blood transfusion.
  • The last few nights have been restless for James.  He was given a prescription for this today.  Please pray for a good night's rest tonight!
Goodnight, my friends!

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  1. God bless you today. We continue to ask God for complete healing. We ask for sleep for James and peace for you Amy. Love you kiddos.