Monday, March 28

Here we go again...

James saw Dr. Coscio on Friday and again today.  Here's where we are:
  • The biopsy of the lymph nodes came back as germ cell cancer.  This is the same cancer in his liver.  From what the pathologist can tell, the lymph nodes have been affected all along.  There were indications the lymph nodes had responded to the first series of chemo.  So why didn't we know?  The lymph nodes were not enlarged enough to show on the scans.  It was an easy miss because they did not appear abnormal.
  • James started chemo again today.  He will be on the same schedule as before with the same drugs.  He can have a maximum of two cycles of his current drugs due to the damage that can be caused.
  • The incision is healing beautifully.  No infection, little redness, and very little pain.
Prayer and Praise:
  • Thank God for his wonderful timing.  I am scheduled to work all this week but we have James' dad, Stan, here to help!  Huge blessing!
  • Thank God for the healing from surgery!
  • Thank God for those helping James and I along this road.  The meals brought last week and this week were delicious and more helpful than you know! 
  • Please pray James will not experience fever tonight as he has in the past with his Bleo treatments.
  • Pray we are on the road to healing and total restoration of James' body!
Thanks for being faithful prayer warriors!


  1. Praying for strength and recovery! Love yall!! Following you......Erica Dodson!!

  2. In all things God is good and loving. You are a lucky young couple in that you know and realize that. Bill prayed for complete healing as usual but He told me that he had a peace come over him like never before this morning. Gives me chills. Love you guys. Bill and Deb

  3. How are things going now? I think of you everyday and pray for you in every thought. Love and Hugs, Michelle