Thursday, March 17

Good morning...

Just wanted to update to let everyone know James is in surgery.  He was taken back around seven this morning and surgery was scheduled to begin at seven thirty.  It should last about two and a half  to three hours.  I will pass along info throughout the day...PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

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  1. We just wanted to let you both know that we are so very sorry for this new piece of information. I know how frustrating it must be to get so close and have to get kicked back to the beginning. But... God gives us obstacles.

    Please know that ya'll are always on our minds and in our hearts and we want you to keep the faith and always lean to God for strength. Trusting in him in times like this is our greatest lesson I think.

    Please keep us updated. We love you both.

    Joanna and Justin Wiley