Monday, April 9

New Stuff...

James started his new therapy regimen today.  He will be on antibody therapy and chemotherapy for the next eight weeks.  The chemo should drive down the AFP and the antibody will act as a switch to "turn-off" the cancer cells.  The antibody should prevent the cancer from growing and spreading.  His chemo cocktail consists of a new drug and one drug he's had previously.  Here's the thing...James' hair had started growing back and he's not that excited about losing it...AGAIN.  He will also have the pump bag with him for two days.  He doesn't complain much but he truly hates the bag.  Neither therapy should have severe side effects for us to contend with so that is good news.  

Don't forget...if you are on the Relay for Life team, we have a team meeting tomorrow night at 7PM.  If you need more info, call/text/email me!  

Please say a prayer for comfort and peace for my step mother's family.  Her father passed away on Friday.
Also remember Pops, James' step mom's father, in prayer as he is in ICU this evening.  
Thank God for a beautiful wedding for my little sister, Bethany, and ask God to keep her and her husband safe as they travel this week!

Hope everyone is well and had a nice Easter weekend!
Love to all,


  1. Sorry about your hair James but as I have said before " You are pretty no matter if you have hair or not" Think about it.. if you were ugly and bald that could be bad. :} Momma B.

  2. Love and prayers to our dear friends. We miss y'all, we haven't seen y'all in FOREVER (ok more like just a couple of weeks!) Hope to see you both soon. Love, Justin and Jo