Tuesday, February 8

Half way there...

I am sorry I have not been more regular with posting but there hasn't been much to tell.  Yesterday, James started his 3rd chemo treatment which means we are half way done with chemo!  Here's where we stand now...
~ The scans done on Thursday showed the tumor has decreased from 13 cm to 8 cm!  James will finish the last two chemo treatments, have another scan and meet with a liver surgeon at MD Anderson-Downtown.  Dr. Coscio has forwarded James' chart to the surgeon for him to familiarize himself with James' case before we meet.  Not sure on dates or times of surgery but surgery is likely.
~ The PFT (pulmonary function test) showed the chemo is not affecting James' lung function so his chemo treatments will remain the same this round.  He will have another PFT before the next round of treatment.

  • Thank God for giving James the strength and desire to get out of the house this past weekend.  We enjoyed time outdoors in the beautiful weather and spent time with family and friends!
  • James has remained fever free!
Prayer Requests
  • I have an upper respiratory infection.  I started antibiotics but please pray for a quick recovery so I will be able to care for James and work!  (Don't forget, its Valentine's week and I work in a Floral Shop!)
  • James is experiencing some nausea this round.
We love and appreciate each one of you!!!


  1. Yeah!!!I am so happy to hear that Jame's tumor has gotten smaller.That is encouraging news. I hope the thought brings you strength. Hang in there you two. All our love, Uncle Ed & Aunt Mary

  2. Praise God that the tumor is decreasing! Praise Him for your dependence upon Him. Will continue to remember both of you in prayer. Jennie, cousin

  3. Go God...! James you are in our prayers daily. We love you and know that you are a conquerer ! Bill and Deb

  4. So glad that things are progressing well. Keeping you both in my prayers. Love and Hugs, Michelle

  5. You are both in our thoughts and prayers.

    Joe and Dian