Wednesday, February 16

The New Plan

We took a trip downtown today to see Dr. Curley, liver specialist, at MD Anderson.  Dr. Coscio wanted James to meet Dr. Curley before surgery and for Dr. Curley to get a feel for James' chart.  This visit brought on a new plan.  We will see Dr. Coscio tomorrow and if she agrees, the new schedule will be as follows:
  • No more chemo.  Dr. Curley feels the tumor is now manageable and operable.  More chemo at this point would require more time to recover from the damages of chemo thus putting surgery off longer. 
  • James will take the next four weeks to prepare his body for surgery.  Low fat/High protein diet and daily exercise are a must.  Chemotherapy is hard on all organs especially the lungs, kidneys and liver.  Over the next month, James' liver will have a chance to rest and his lungs will have a chance to heal from any damage the chemo has done. 
  • After we see Dr. Coscio tomorrow, we will know for sure but as it stands now, James is scheduled to have surgery March 17 at MD Anderson Downtown.  Dr. Curley will remove the right lobe of the liver which includes the gallbladder.  Surgery will last 2-3 hours.  James will be hospitalized for 5-7 days following surgery.
  • Recovery will take 6-8 weeks.  The liver is the only organ in the human body to regenerate itself. The regeneration process only takes about six week during which James can expect to be pretty tired and worn down.  Due to the nature of his work, the doctors are not likely to release him to return to work for ten weeks after surgery to ensure complete healing inside and out.
  • According to Dr. Curley, chemo after surgery is still possible.
For now, James is feeling well and has fishing plans for tomorrow morning!  He will go tomorrow afternoon for blood work and appointment with Dr. Coscio.  We will discuss Dr. Curley's recommendations and go from there.  Please pray James stays well and healthy so he does not have to be hospitalized this weekend as he has the last two rounds and that we will catch plenty of fish tomorrow!!!  I will update tomorrow with the results of the appointment and fishing trip!
Stay tuned!!!


  1. Going fishin instead of just a wishin ! Yipee stay well and bring back lots of fish tales. Sounds like things are looking up as far as getting this thing done ! Bill and Deb

  2. Amy - We are praying for you both and wishing James a speedy recovery! Your mom keeps me posted when I see her at work! Stay strong and faithful, HE will see you thru this!!! Love to you!! Erica and Brandon Imhoff

  3. Praying the fish are biting and that
    the visit this afternoon goes well.
    Also prayed for James to sleep well
    last night and feel good this morning.
    Love you both! Meme & Paw Paw

  4. Just thinking of you both. HOpe all is well, and that the surgery is a success. I am sure I will talk to Stanley and he will keep us all posted. Love to all. Prayers going up now!!!