Sunday, September 23

Happy Sunday

It has been a rough go since my last post.  The radiation treatments are tough for James.  Currently, he has twelve done and eight to go.  The treatments make him tired and leave him with little to no energy.  He's been sick more on radiation than he's ever been on chemo.  

We stopped the oral chemo drug a week ago due to low counts.  It has taken some time but his counts are slowly making it back up.  

We had a big scare late Thursday night/Friday morning.  James woke me up with pain in his chest and difficulty breathing.  I got him some pain meds and he asked me to call for an ambulance.  It was scary but I think I managed my panic well.  The paramedics took him to the hospital and the ER doc did a full cardiac workup.  They sent us home saying it was just cancer causing the pain.  However, Dr. L believes differently. She is almost certain the sudden pain was caused by acid reflux.  Since this episode, I have heard of several other people saying it feels like a heart attack and it takes your breath away.  A couple of which have even gone to the hospital which makes me feel better to know I wasn't just panicking.

I am sure with all of this, you are wondering why I would title a post "Happy Sunday", but it is.  Church was great.  James was well enough to hunt.  We've spent the afternoon napping and will spend the evening with James' mom.  It is a happy day!  

James will continue radiation this week as well as visit Dr. C and Dr. L.  Pray his counts are up and he can resume chemo.  Pray that his eating habits improve and he does not lose anymore weight.  Pray for the lost souls reading this blog.  Praise God for this day!!!
Much love to all,


  1. My prayers for you Momma Bolt

  2. amy i am still praying for you and james. take care of yourself and stay strong. love to both of you
    donna a.