Tuesday, August 28


Yeah, its been a while but here's the latest:
  • Vacation was AWESOME! Glad we came home when we did...that storm is looking rough!
  • James will start radiation to his abdomen on Thursday.
    • He will have treatment 5 day/wk for 4 weeks.  Total of 20 treatments.
    • Nausea and tiredness can be expected with radiation.
  • While on radiation, he will take an oral chemo.
  • If everything continues to as planned, I will return to work next week.  
Please pray for the following:
  • Baby Wyatt - Now, almost 5 months, he is ill with fever, cough, runny nose etc.  His parents have had him at the doctor and ER twice in the past five days. =(
  • A family that lost their home over the weekend.
  • For everyone along the Gulf coast threatened by Issac.   
Praise the Lord:
  • Papa's most recent scan showed his tumor to be shrinking.  He will continue his oral chemo and will scan again in two months. 
Much love!


  1. Glad you had a great vacay.. I check this site several times a day for updates and glad to hear all is well for now. On to the treatment for the redhead! Love you much. Call me maybe? I miss you soooo bad!
    Momma Bolt

  2. Love you and thinking good thoughts of you guys. come see me! Debbie and Bill