Tuesday, June 21

After 16 hours...

So all the results are in...
  • CT Scan shows the tumor to be slightly larger.  What does that mean?  The last chemo did not work and we made the right decision to discontinue treatment.  Did this cause the sudden onset of pain?  Don't know.  I am not satisfied with this answer and I am putting some pressure on this ER doc to find the source of James pain. 
  • The fever broke last night and once again, we are not being clearly answered on what caused the fever.  Blood work is close to normal and cultures have been drawn.
  • X-Ray and Urine analysis are clear.
  • The ER Doctor says they have ruled out major complications such as bowel obstructions or the need for emergency surgery.  Be that as it may, that doesn't explain what's going on!
I am very frustrated and don't understand why we were sent 54 miles from home at 11:00 PM to have no answers!  Pray and pray hard!

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