Friday, June 3

Although I was told not to do it, I spent the last hour reading this blog from the beginning.  I laughed at the number of typos and cried as I remembered some of the toughest times.  I am sitting here reflecting on the past six months.  Wow, six months.  Its so strange how a place you never wanted to be can become so comfortable.  Never in my wildest dreams/nightmares could I have ever imagined this for our lives.  We've been here so long, they no longer call us Mr. and Mrs. Abell but just James and Amy.  We know a bit about them and they know about us.  James' doc has two kids and a dog.  Like me, his nurse, Tracy, likes Sonic Dr. Pepper but she prefers vanilla to my cherry.  Lillian, another nurse, always offers an encouraging word and prayers.  Who knew our home away from home would be a hospital room?  The road is long and hard but He never said it would be easy.  He just said we would never be alone, right?

James had a rough morning.  He was given two nausea meds and he's asleep now.  Today is the last day of this round of chemo.  He will go home on the pump, be disconnected tomorrow and get his WBC shot.  We come back on Tuesday, our 3rd wedding anniversary, for blood work.  As usual, I am sure we will be looking at a blood transfusion by the end of next week.  Please continue to pray for strength for James and I to endure this challenge!



  1. I pray that you find the strength to persevere and continue to fight. Now is the hard time, when it has been a long haul of treatments and transfusions and procedures and the changes are not what we want. Don't forget it is perfectly ok to call me and just cry over the phone! Although Justin did a good job, I might offer a word or two (besides just the "pat")! We love you both and think about you both EVERYDAY!

    Justin and Joanna Wiley

  2. Hi Amy and James. I am praying for you and so is my church. My brother works with James, Cary McKown.

  3. The wise man builds his house upon a Rock and you kids have done that. Rock of Ages cleft for me let me hide myself in thee. I love how you have leaned on your Rock and hidden yourself in the thee. God bless you sweet friends.There WILL be joy in the morning.The Bolts

  4. Hi Kim...thanks for praying for us!
    Bolts- we love you!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement!!!
    Joanna...Justin did the best he knew to do with a crying woman! His "pat" said it all!!!
    We love everyone this blog reaches! Be blessed friends!!