Wednesday, June 29


We are back from our trip to see James' dad and family in Kentucky.   It was great to visit with everyone and we were able to attend a family cookout last night.  The trip took a toll on James and he started running fever on Monday.  So as soon as our plane landed tonight, we headed to MD Anderson ER with a 103 degree temperature.  The ER doc just ordered fluids, pain meds, chest X ray, blood work and urine analysis.  I am sure we'll be in for a long night! 
Here's an update on other info:
  • We did not receive approval from our insurance for clinical trails.  I knew it wasn't covered but I was hopeful there was a loop hole or a way around it.
  • Because we were waiting on the insurance, the drug trial James was to begin has filled.
  • We will meet with Dr. Coscio tomorrow depending how late we are here tonight!
Stay tuned my dear readers!  I'll update again soon!

PS~ Pray for me to have patience with this ER nurse.  I am not impressed with her attitude this evening.


  1. James and Amy,

    We were so glad to see you last night. We think of you everyday! Uncle Paul and Aunt Cathy

  2. We were all thrilled to hear that you all were in KY. I am so glad that you had a great visit. Saying a prayer for you as I type. Love and Hugs, Michelle

  3. I would like to speak with that nurse. The old saying " Walk a mile in my shoes" is in order. God bless you two. Amy, when you can give me a call.We love you and pray for you everyday.The Bolts