Monday, May 9

Another round...

James just finished his first day of his second round on the new chemo.  Good news...they can speed it up and he only has to go four days instead of five.  Bad news...he still has to have it!
  • The last CT scan showed no change in the tumor since the last scan in February. 
  • His AFP is up but likely to drop with another round of chemo.
  • Possible blood transfusion this week or next.
  • James is growing very tired of this and ready for things to be back to "normal".
  • We know God is in control!
In need of prayer,


  1. Oh baby .. prayers are out all over the place. Keep the faith. James hang on buddy. It will take time and don't lose faith. A good postive out look is half the battle.I know it is easier said than done but you GOTTA do it. Love you and we are praying... big time.The Bolts

  2. Hang in there James!! Need to hear that giggle and see that big smile you carry around. You are blessed and He will take care of you.
    God Bless you Both. Kim and Cathy

  3. We are praying for you..I speak healing in James's body right now in the name of Jesus. Cancer you have no right or part in this body. The blood of Jesus was shed for our healing as well as our salvation. We stand in the work of Jesus on the cross and claim victory in James life and speak death to this tumor. Cancer we speak to you to leave Jame's body and be gone in the name of Jesus. We apply the work of the blood of Jesus over this man and claim healing for his body, and this tumor to shrink and be gone. Thank you Lord that you have provided for our every need in your precious blood that you shed. We bleed the blood of Jesus over James and over this sickness. Satan you will have to go through the blood of Jesus to get to him. Praise the Lord...

  4. So inspired by your courage and faith. Will continue to keep both of you in our prayers. Cousin in Ky.