Thursday, May 12

James is having a very rough morning.  Before we left the house today, he felt weak, his blood pressure dropped and he fell trying to get to the recliner.  He is experiencing a lot of nausea.  We are at MD now getting fluids, anti nausea meds and waiting on blood work.  The spell could have been caused by anemia, dehydration, or infection.  Dr. Coscio is on her way back from downtown to see James.  She will determine if he is well enough for chemo today or needs a transfusion.  James is asleep now. 
I will update after we see the doc! 
Join me in prayer for my husband!

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  1. Amy and James.. we don't know why the Abells have to go through this but we know you are not alone. Lord Jesus put your loving arms gently around your servant James.Your healing power is what we ask today. Our ways are not your ways and our time is not your time but yet we ask for healing and peace for your child.Allow James to be well enough to continue his treatment so that his wish for normalcy can come sooner rather than later.Jesus we believe that you are with them and that your guiding hand is there for them. Help James and Amy find the peace that only you can provide.In Christ Jesus name we pray with Thanksgiving. Amen Love .. the Bolts