Saturday, May 28

We'll take what we can get...

The scan showed little change in the tumor.  Not much shrinkage but some areas do appear to be dying!  James' AFP has dropped so for now we will continue on the same AI chemo.  He will go downtown Monday for treatment!

We did enjoy an Astros game tonight complete with the Friday Night Fireworks Show!  It was great.  The 'stros lost but still a good time! 
What a difference a year makes, huh?


  1. All kinds of prayers for you two. We do know the kind of frustration you feel at times. But, just know that God is watching over you and that He is the one in control. You both are very strong and you have a wonderful and bright future ahead. Love and Hugs, Michelle

  2. Progress is progress!One step at a time.. Gods timing. Still praying for your full recovery.Love Bill and Deb