Tuesday, July 3


from our home to yours!  That's right, we are home!  James was discharged late yesterday evening.

Yesterday...oh yesterday.  Lets just say I am glad it is done and over!!!  To catch you up, James was still having back pain.  We heard an announcement saying the hospital was in "internal disaster" mode.  There had been smoke, maybe fire, on the fourth floor.  This wouldn't effect us except they were not allowing people to move from one place to another.  We were on the third floor and not going anywhere while our docs were somewhere else and unable to get to us!

Finally, we see Doc C late in the afternoon.  Here's the new plan:

  • She is working with Radiation Oncology to get James in ASAP.  We are going to give the place on his back a dose of radiation to stop the pain.  Oh yeah...the spasms are being caused by lymph node involvement in the area.  The enlarged cancer-filled lymph nodes are causing pressure on the muscle which is causing the spasm.  
  • The fluid from his abdomen is the type of fluid caused by the cancer cells and likely to collect again.  For this reason, James is scheduled for another tap on Thursday.  Depending on the amount of fluid collected during the tap, it may be decided to insert a drain to keep the fluid off.
  • After the dose of radiation, James will resume chemotherapy plus another drug to try to slow/stop new growth.
We are hoping to have the radiation appointment today.
Stay tuned, my friends!


  1. Praying for you both and glad you are home. Love and Hugs.

  2. Praying for peace,healing,rest,and a feeling of abundant love from our father in heaven. We love you guys.Thanks for keeping us posted. God bless. Bill and Deb

  3. Happy 4th cute couple love u. Bill and Deb