Tuesday, July 31

Yesterday found us with more bad news...the cancer has spread even more.  James is no longer a candidate for the proposed surgery.  There is cancer above the diaphragm which wouldn't be covered in the surgery.  We don't really even ask where or what size anymore.  We just know it is alive and well.  Yesterday, James was simulated for radiation.  He may have the place in the chest done or his entire abdomen.  Dr. L was going to study his case a little more before deciding.  Dr. C started him on the maintenance chemo he was on last year with an extra drug to attempt to starve the cancer cells and prevent them from reproducing.
James has grown very tired and lacks energy.  He doesn't have much of an appetite.  He relies on pain medicine round the clock to keep comfortable.  This road just keeps getting rougher and rougher.  


  1. So sorry Amy. I wish we could have gotten good news. I know it is getting really hard. We have a promise from our Lord that his plans are good for us. We must believe this promise. My prayer for James is to be comfortable and out of pain, to continue to believe that God is guiding him through this. He is by his side and by your side. There will be joy in the morning. Love, Bill and Deb

  2. To James.. Be strong and courageous,be not terrified,be not discouraged,for your Lord our God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9
    Momma Bolt

  3. tammie thrailkillAugust 1, 2012 at 9:53 AM

    i know how hard this is . i went through it with my husband stay strong

  4. Dearest James and Amy, We want you both to know how very proud we are of you. You have continued to praise God and be a witness for others to see as you walk this path layed before you. Your faithfulness during this difficult time has not gone un-noticed. We pray for strenght and peace for you both. Love ya, Uncle Gary & Aunt Tricia
    "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, my unfailing love for you will not be nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the Lord.
    Isaiah 54:10

  5. Praying for comfort and strength for you today.
    Bill and Deb