Thursday, July 5

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  We had a pool party at my grandparents house and were blessed with a less than blazing hot day!  James, Lauren and I rode to New Waverly to watch the fireworks show!

James started running temp late yesterday evening.  He had a restless night and fever still this morning.  I have been in touch with MD and we are going in for labs and a clinic visit today.  The drain/cath placement was to be scheduled for today but the hospital was book due to the holiday.  We were originally scheduled for Monday at noon.  However, James belly will pop by Monday and we would like to avoid the ER this weekend.  Dr. C was able to move somethings around and have the drain/cath placement moved to tomorrow, Friday at 9AM.  

Please say a prayer for this fever to break and James to get some rest!

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  1. You guys amaze me. Pool party and fireworks .. you guys are a testament to living life to it's fullest even under hard circumstances. God is good and prayers going up right now. Love you. Bill and Deb