Friday, October 28

Evening update

James is practically jogging down the road to recovery!  He had a great almost totally painless day!  He has done his breathing exercises hourly as ordered and walked six times today!  We are practically running laps around the nurses' station and down the halls! 
Tonight, James is experiencing what is called "deferred" pain in his shoulder.  From my understanding, they had to do some real mulling around to get the lymph node out which includes disturbing nerves.  James real pain is from the surgical sight but through his nerves his brain is telling him his shoulder hurts.  Weird huh?  The strange thing about it, his shoulder hurt before surgery.  I thought it was sore from shooting his gun during teal season but now I wonder if the tumor or lymph node was bothering a nerve?  Maybe. For now, the pain management doc has given him a shot in his shoulder and he was given pain meds around 6PM.  Needless to say, he is pretty drunk right now but at least he isn't feeling any pain!
In other news, Pawpaw is doing the same as James in Conroe.  He sat in a chair most of the day, walked twice, worked on this breathing exercises and talked to his favorite grand daughter on the phone!!!  
Thanks to everyone!  We love you!

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  1. Happy to hear the redhead is doing good. You guys are an inspiration. Glad you enjoyed your cocktails.ha. Love you guys. Bill and Debbie