Wednesday, October 12

It never hurts to ask...

So after the pet scan two weeks ago, we asked Dr. Coscio again if surgery was possible.  Knowing us as well as she does, she had already emailed the images to the surgeon.  His assistant call last week to let us know he would reconsider the operation because James' tumor and lymph nodes have been stable for a while now.  We went downtown this morning and Dr. Curley agreed to surgery on October 27.  
James and I know there are risks involved but we are ready to take some risks to achieve results.  We are very excited about the upcoming operation and the possibilities it brings!  
Things should be quiet for the next two weeks.  James is to exercise daily and eat a low fat, high protein diet to prepare for surgery.  Surgery will probably be four hours and James will remain hospitalized 5-7 days afterward. 
Thanks for joining us on this journey!  We appreciate the love and support from everyone!!!
Love to all,

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  1. We will be praying for great results.. Bill and Deb