Friday, October 28

Long night, Good morning

It was a long night and we were up with the chickens this morning!  James spiked a high temp, had an unstable heart rate and blood pressure.  Good news is his pain has been very well managed and has been very comfortable.  He tried getting up late last night but was too dizzy.  We will try again this morning.  His sweet nurse let him have ice chips early this morning.  He is handling that well so he may move to clear liquids sometime today.  We'll likely see the doc early this morning.  I will update then!
Make it a fabulous Friday!

...and the doc just walked in...
Everything looks good.  Drain output is good...did I tell you James has a drain tube?  It should come out before we go home.  They are bumping up his fluids a bit and he will come off a few machines and tubes today.

Goals for the day-
  • breathing exercises
  • sit up in the chair
  • walk around the unit
  • continue to manage pain
  • and the best of all...clear liquids!  James likes this one!

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