Saturday, October 29

Out on a date

Tonight, we busted out of the room to a romantic hot spot recommended by one of the docs.  We hopped three elevators to the 24th floor of the hospital to the observation deck.  We enjoyed the music of a piano, sipped delicious cocktails (water), and watched the sunset over the west side of Houston!  It was a beautiful view of the city!!! 
James has felt good today.  Little to no pain all day.  They are leaving the incision open so I counted the staples...38!  He is being held together by 38 staples!!!   James is walking regularly, using his breathing exercise thingy, and transitioned from liquids to food today.  There has been no mention of discharge and we are not rushing it.  If they can keep him comfortable here, there is no reason to rush home!
Please pray for a restful night.  James struggled to stay asleep last night sleeping no more than two hours at a time.  Little sleep at night makes for some loooonnnng days! 
Goodnight my little peaches!


  1. I tried to send a comment last night, let's try again. I prayed you guys had a good night. Hope you did and will have more to come. You guys are such an inspiration to me.. I love your attitudes. All you have gone through the past days (year) you still find time to romance. Don't ever let that love die. It blesses my sould to see how yall depend on each other and the Lord. I love you guys. Love and continued blessings, Aunt Lou

  2. Go God. Thanks for all you have done for your faithful, Bill and Deb