Thursday, October 13

worth a shot...

so with the upcoming surgery, james and i are trying to prep our home to be more patient friendly.  we learned from the almost surgery in march that our furniture sits too low for james to get up and down comfortably.  so we are exploring some options...
  • do you have or know of anyone with a power lift chair that we could borrow or purchase cheaply?
  • do you have or know of anyone with an elevated potty seat? 
  • do you have any tips for making recovery easier?
we are looking into renting the items he needs and we might be able to get some things covered by insurance but if we can find what we need second hand within our budget it would be easier!
leave a comment on here, email, or call if you have any connections!
much love my darlings!


  1. Praying for great results. God bless. Bill and Deb

  2. Give me a call. Anything that you think will help that I have of Cheryl's is yours.

    Your other Dad