Thursday, October 27

James will be in the overnight recovery unit.  The surgery was intense and the doc thinks extra observation is in order through the night.  James has been stable in recovery and this is just precautionary.  He should move to a regular patient room tomorrow.  He's still somewhat groggy and heavily medicated but he has no pain at this time.  I am hoping he will stay ahead of his pain and not try to tough it out this time around.  I will post as things happen and do my best to keep everyone updated.  I am exhausted today but it is so worth it!
We are so thankful to God for making it possible to remove this nasty disease from James' body. 
Love to all,


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. Take care sweet Amy.We continue to pray for total healing for the redhead. God bless you with peace and a restful night. Much love, Bill and Deb

  2. Get you some sleep sista, and let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do!

    Much Love,
    Dacus Family